Own Your Story

Deep into a conversation with a loved one, this person spoke of missteps in life. Regrets and deep feelings of remiss that weighed heavily on the heart and brain.  I remained silent, listening while the words continued to pour out.  Together we have had this conversation many times.

As I listened and realized that the feelings of pain and regret were familiar I realized that looking back and playing “Monday night quarterback” in your own life is a common trait that most of us share.  The problem is that we cannot let these feelings of regret weigh down our forward progress.  Otherwise our issues and problems, become a broken record set on repeat.

During the conversation, my mind drifted for a moment and all I could hear in my mind was, “Own your story.”  It took a long walk this morning to fully understand what my heart and brain were trying to tell me.

All of us are comprised of this fabulous mixture of traits, thoughts, habits and actions that make us uniquely us.  None of us is all good or all bad.  We are made up of a multitude of ideas and beliefs with life experiences that are uniquely our own.

We cannot pick and choose which part of our lives we’d like to be.  Standing where you are today, as you take your next breath…your next step forward in life…your next action…you take with you the combination of all the good, all the bad and all the ugly.  This is your story.

More times than not, we can look around and pick and choose the highlights from other people’s lives to compare and make ourselves feel small.  That, in and of itself, is a self-defeating action meant to undermine our own self-worth.  What we don’t see when we witness the success of others, is the process that got them to that moment.  We can never know someone else’s story or fully appreciate the ups and downs that they have been through or will go through in the future.

What we do know is that life is goes by very fast.  In the blink of an eye, another year has passed and changes have taken place.  Forward momentum will stop for no one.  But the life lesson we can take and use for our own benefit and well-being is that we are here.  We have survived this far.  We have experienced high highs and the lowest of the lows and yet we continue for we are stronger than we know.

The gift we can give ourselves is to wrap our arms around all of who we are in the now and be grateful.  Own your story, as a beautifully bound leather book, filled with pages of all that makes you who you are today.  Embrace the mistakes and missteps as a part of who you are and then look forward.  There are many chapters ahead to be written and only you have the power to decide what those pages will reflect.  It’s your story.  Own it.



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