Embrace Your Own Beauty

I used do it all the time. I measured myself against all the women around me. Were they prettier, taller or more perfectly sized than me?  Was I more pear-shaped than that woman over there?  Wait, was I even a pear – or was I an apple? And which one was better?  I couldn’t remember, but it didn’t matter.  I never measured up.  It was exhausting.

As women, we’ve become so fixated on comparing ourselves to the “ideal” weight or “perfect” body that the definition of beauty has become a measurement. We’re so focused on trying to lose or gain, hide or change  in order to measure up that we’ve lost focus on the most important thing…ourselves!

The truth is, none of us want to put a number or size on the measurement of beauty, because beauty isn’t a measurement. It doesn’t matter what size you are or what fruit your body shape resembles. No two people are exactly the same, and studies have shown that people carry weight differently, so why should we be compared to anyone else (or to fruit, for that matter!)?

Beauty is about embracing who you are, just as you are. When you are confident, it shows. You don’t have to look a certain way, or weigh a certain amount. You have to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin.

So no more fruit except in a fruit salad.  

What I’m learning is that Beauty isn’t a shape—it’s an attitude!  

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