What Room Does Fear Have? [Video]

When you think high school dance, it’s only natural that the first thing you think about is a team dancing to pop or hip-hop; music and words a mere background to a dance routine. But hold that thought…

Watch this video of a high school dance team from Illinois, and I assure you it will change the way you think; not only about high school dance, but also—surprisingly—about fear. This talented group of dancers choreographed a routine to a spoken track titled, “What Room Does Fear Have?” and I have to tell you, it’s an extraordinary thing to witness…the idea, the dance, the words.

And just as wrap your head around what’s happening, the dance team transforms costumes and the tone of the speech changes into a triumphant rally against being afraid. The message is powerful, and one that so many of us forget: “Fear isn’t something that controls us if we don’t let it. We only have to confront it.”

Watch this a couple times, listen to the words, and ask yourself, “What are you afraid of?”

(A round of applause to the Mahomet Seymour Dance Team for such a moving dance routine. We at The Stitch admire your creativity and confidence in conveying such a powerful message with such a beautiful performance. You truly set a strong example to embrace… #EYOB)

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