What Do Amy Schumer, Sports Illustrated & theStitch have in Common?

What do Amy Schumer, Sports Illustrated, plus at least 6 others, have in common with theStitch?  If you guessed body positivity, embracing your own beauty from the inside out and spreading the message that “beauty isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude,” then give yourself a big pat on the back.  Although PopSugar didn’t mention us (maybe this year!), we want to lift up their youtube video highlighting 8 body-positive milestones that happened in 2015!

2015 saw celebrities and companies saying “enough is enough!”  No more body-shaming, no more body-bullying and no more hate, period.

Here’s are a a few more 2015 #EYOB moments that deserve mention.

1) When ads popped up in London and New York showing an extremely slim blonde woman in a bikini with the words “Beach Body Ready?” the world complained!  Twitter went wild and the Guardian had this to say. “Do you know how to swim? Yes? OK. Do you need sunscreen for your skin tone? Yes? No? OK. How about a bathing suit? Do you have one of those? OK. Prefer to go naked/keep your shorts on? That’s fine too. I now declare your body ready for the beach. You are beach body ready. Off you go, have fun. And that is where this article should end.”

2) Taryn Brumfitt’s book “Embrace: My Story from Body Loather to Body Lover” was released.

3) Singer Meghan Trainor (I’m All About that Bass) lends her name to the FullBeauty.com campaign!

4) “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Roderiguez shares her “wonderful wisdom on body image” in an interview that went viral.

If you think that was it, think again.  BuzzFeed named 28 more standouts!  

theStitch.com’s New Year’s Resolutions:

1)  To cultivate our online theStitch.com[unity] and celebrating your uniqueness and passion for life!

2) To spread the #EYOB message!

With your help, 2016 will be the year that we explode the myth that says: looks, size or shape = beauty. We’re breaking that mold. Consider it smashed to pieces. We’re taking a stand — right here, right now — and saying that Beauty isn’t a Shape, it’s an Attitude!

And to prove it we’re showcasing bright, bold, beautiful you at theStitch. by inviting you to embrace your own beauty.

How? By uploading a selfie at theStitch. and joining theStitch.com[unity] today.

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