We’re so excited we’re about to bust a stitch!

Friends, followers and fans, get ready to join us in embracing our own – new name!

Going forward, theStitch.com will now be known as EYOB.com and we couldn’t be happier or more excited!

As longtime followers know, theStitch has been, from the absolute very beginning, all about #EYOB.  Our mission statement is grounded in building “an online community where all women feel empowered to embrace their own beauty…,” so it made sense that our followers identified us more with our signature EYOB statement than with “theStitch.”  Over the years, we did, too.

Embrace Your Own Beauty

You may be wondering what took so long. Well, it was definitely a process! First, we had to finalize the decision to morph over to EYOB, then we had to wait until the name became available. It took a while but suddenly we had the opportunity to purchase the EYOB URLs so we jumped on it. Next, we had to finesse the legalities and then have a chat with the folks at FB.   Because we’re so well-known for EYOB, we’re happy to announce that all our history — our followers, articles and pics — will follow us to our new URL address at EYOB.com!  Thank you, Facebook! That means that all our social media sites have been updated with the new name.

Though “theStitch” will always remain stitched (pardon the pun) into the fabric of who we are, EYOB.com lovingly and reverently retires the name.  (For more on why we chose the name, click here.)

Please take a moment to update our info into all of your data systems and share with your friends. We’re on fire and now, with our name change, we’re more excited than ever to empower women and girls everywhere to embrace their own beauty.  #EYOB!

EYOB.com Social Media handle is EYOBNow


Thank you,

Andre Villa

Founder of EYOB.com

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