True Beauty Comes From Within, Actually

Here’s a flip for you.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but I don’t think that’s necessarily true or even accurate.

Sure, in its most positive interpretation it means that each one of us gets to decide what is beautiful.  After all, different people have different ideas about what is beautiful to them.  But in reality, that saying gets turned on us when the “beholder” is someone else.  And when the “beholder” is Vogue, Marie Claire or the cabal of vicious vixens in Victoria’s Secret marketing department, 98% of us aren’t looking so hot. What those arbiters of beauty are really selling is an APPEARANCE.

This past summer I wrote a Sunday Stitch calledBeauty Trends or Timeless Beauty?’  It was all about, you guessed it, beauty trends!  The accompanying YouTube video showed that what appeared to be beautiful actually changes through the ages.  Our perception of outer beauty (appearance), is largely dictated by the societal trends of the time!

In reality, when we embrace our own beauty, that inner glow and positive energy radiates out to the world – and people all around you are attracted to that and start to see you in all your fascinating glory.


And BONUS – when you #EYOB, suddenly everything around you starts looking more beautiful!

Remember the movie “500 Days of Summer,” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel? There’s a hugely wonderful scene in which Gordon-Levitt’s character, Tom Hansen, finally has sex with the girl of his dreams, Summer Finn.  When he leaves her apartment, suddenly the whole world is beautiful to him.  The joy of life he feels within himself makes the world his personal Broadway musical dance number!

Okay, but this isn’t summer anymore.  We’re now into the winter holiday season, so I want to share a clip from one of my favorite holiday movies of all time – “Love Actually.”

My “Stitch” angle on this is that in the end, all that really matters is NEVER what you look like.  Actually, it’s love -and the feelings we have for ourselves and for others.  Hugh Grant’s character (the Prime Minister of Great Britain) says it much more eloquently here:

 Happy Holidays, fellow Stitchers!
Beauty is all around us, but it has to start within.

“True Beauty Comes From Within.”


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