This Woman in the Mirror

There is only truth and honesty in my reflection

I cannot hide from the realities of time

or avoid the changes occurring right before my eyes.

Life is happening at a rapid pace.

I am this woman in the mirror.


I am in search of my own truth

and no longer choose to hide behind the need to please or to be liked.

My voice is developing a new timbre

and my stride reflects a new strength and purpose

for myself and for the world.

I am this woman in the mirror.


To live with intention and to follow the inner voice that demands action

in a world where fear breeds contempt

My heart searches for the grace of living and loving freely and without harm.

My mind searches for ways to speak for those who are not listened to.

My higher power calls on me to demand protection

for those that are the most vulnerable.


We have all been put on this earth for a purpose.

We are all worthy of being heard and being loved

We are all worthy of forgiveness and deserve

the opportunity to make amends and move forward.

Love, respect and gratitude start with embracing

This woman in the mirror.


There is beauty in my flaws and short comings as I learn to shake off my fears.

What is most important is to stay true to my instincts – to shed the old skin

that may have been younger and prettier at first glance

but in fact was a layer, waiting to be shed and replaced

with a strength of character and a love of humanity

that exceeds the needs fulfilled by shallow goals.

I am this woman in the mirror.

And I embrace her wholeheartedly.

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