There’s No Comparison… and 3 Things to Keep in Mind

There’s no comparison ever worth making — and yet we do it all the time.  We’re at the mall and mentally compare ourselves to the woman who just walked by. Cuter shoes, better nails, nicer butt, trendier phone – the list goes on and on. Closer to home, you might look at a friend’s great relationship and wonder why it isn’t you. And of course, your sister has the perfect kids.  Your best friend has a great apartment — and it’s so gorgeously decorated that it could be in an ad for Pottery Barn!  And guess who just got a promotion?  Not you.

If you want to feel really bad about yourself, go on Facebook and see all of the fun everyone else is having while you work the late shift for minimum wage.  It seems like every post shows someone going on an amazing vacation to Bali, Cabo San Lucas or Jamaica.  They’re downing cool cocktails poolside, surfing and turfing their way through exquisite cuisine and then topping off the night dancing until dawn with three guys named Lorenzo, Brandon and Dante.  Again, the list goes on and on. We compare our own lives to others and constantly come up on the short end of fabulous.  It sucks!

But it doesn’t have to!!  

Here are 3 things to keep in mind in order to see your own life as beautiful and fabulous – because it is – and so are you!

#1 – Reality Check

Since we know the entirety of our own “reel” life warts and all,  but, for the most part, only get to see other people’s best highlight moments, it can be very easy to oversimplify and make a false comparison.  And guess what?  We all have behind the scenes reels. All of us – I mean all of us – have moments of anguish, despair, heartache and loss.  Keep that in mind and stop comparing. And remember, all of us, including YOU, also have amazing highlight moments.

#2 – Flip the Script

Let other people’s stories be an inspiration for your own!  If someone else is doing something cool, amazing or exciting, then you know it can be done.  And that means that you can do it too! Remember Gina Rodriguez’s tribute to Rita Moreno? Role models are important.  Instead of comparing and coming up short, flip the script (aka the story in your head) and get fired up to go do something cool, amazing or exciting yourself.

#3 – What Really Matters

All the things we think are important – popularity, appearance, wealth and power – are not what really count in life.  It’s what’s underneath that matters most, because what’s underneath is the only thing that has lasting worth.

Think of what you hear at a memorial service when a loved one — or even a famous person — is being eulogized.  You never hear, “Wow – she had a really tight ass and the fullest lips I’ve ever seen.”  Or, “She had more money than all of us combined!”  It is never the surface things that are remembered and treasured.  Instead we value qualities like honesty, integrity, courage and compassion.  We hold in high esteem and gratitude, those who were there for us in our darkest hour.  We admire people who overcame huge obstacles and who show up authentically and dare greatly. We remember people who made us laugh and were a positive influence in our lives.


So stop comparing already!  Embrace your own beauty and start living your life to the fullest!

And, though we at theStitch say this a lot — it bears repeating:
Attitude, confidence and a passion for life is what makes you beautiful.

There’s really no comparison ever worth making to that.


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