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We sat hot and sticky in the back of the blue station wagon, peeling our legs off the pleather as they stuck in the August morning. My friend Kristi and I waved at the drivers behind us as we ate our peanut and butter jelly sandwiches from between paper napkins. There were seven of us packed in the car, all part of a caravan of Brownies on our way to lead the Pledge of Allegiance on stage at a National Organization of Women’s event.

We parked and piled out of the car, skipping, jumping and running as seven-year-olds do towards the gates of the amphitheater. Once inside as we lined up to go on stage, as our mothers hastily straightened our sashes, wiped jelly from the corners of our mouths, and tucked our stray hair behind our ears.

Stepping out on stage is still as clear as a photograph in my memory. It wasn’t the cheers, the blaring sunshine – or the microphone that towered over all of us that one of the organizers struggled to adjust, that struck me. It was the buzz we heard and felt from the crowd, an energy that I can still feel travel up my spine as I remember that day.

I marched this past Saturday in the Women’s March with two other women I’ve known for over half my lifetime. And as we stood in the plaza in Santa Barbara with thousands of other women, that morning from the NOW conference thirty-five years ago, came pounding back through my bones.

There is a rhythm to solidarity, an energizing hum that comes from large groups of people united for a common cause. It’s mesmerizing to see it, to hear it, to feel it as we walked along.

You may or may not have marched this past weekend. You may or may not have agreed with it. Regardless, let me recommend this – spend some time building a community of like-minded women. The good news about living in the world today is you can build this community anywhere – you can build it in your local neighborhood or you can build it online.  Share your ideas, your angers and your sorrows. Brainstorm. Support. Build one another up. Celebrate. We’ve got a great community right here at theStitch.com.  We invite you to join us.  If there’s one thing that this past weekend reminded me of, it’s that we’re always stronger together than we are apart.

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