The Journey to Confidence

Whenever you see a confident person, it’s easy to pick up on their incredible strength and courage, and to see the positive attitude shining brightly from their face. But what you don’t see is the journey it took to get to that point. Because, you see, confidence is an ongoing journey, a daily battle in which you choose to fight for something better, committing yourself to conquer whatever demons might arise to try to break you down. 

Of course, we all want that end game: to be a confident person; someone who’s gone through challenges, has faced adversity, and has overcome the temptation to be defeated by it, instead finding a way to grow. 

It makes you wonder…where did that journey start?

Lately I’ve been thinking about my own confidence, the ongoing journey I am on, and about how I’ve gotten to where I am now. I’ve sat pondering all the experiences I’ve had that have significantly shaped my being which led me to wonder where my journey towards confidence even began.

That’s a hard thing to think about; especially seeing as how my journey is only just beginning. But then all of a sudden it hit me: 

It all started with the decision to take the journey. 

The thing is, taking that first step towards confidence is one of the hardest steps. The world is constantly challenging you with propaganda and pressure to fit into certain molds, think a certain way, or to act in a specific manner. But by taking that first step, it means you have that something in you, and that little something doesn’t want to be like everyone else…

…and THAT is confidence! Self-Care

I’ve always been afraid to share my ideas, to express my thoughts, to be me. It wasn’t until I made the decision to just go for it that my confidence journey began. Now I’m not afraid to share my ideas, express my thoughts, or be the person I want to be. 

Of course, the journey is just beginning, and I have a ways to go, but taking that first step has gotten me where I am today and that’s something I can be proud of. 

As you venture along your own journey, always be mindful of that first step you took towards confidence, and it will give you the strength for the rest of the journey. 

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