Athletes of All Shapes and Sizes

Often times, people will say to me, “You look like a runner.” And I give the usual “yup, I am” response, because it just so happens that, yes, I am a runner. I can’t help but think, though, what makes me “a runner” (aside from my sports bra tan lines)? People are quick to make assumptions about one’s athleticism (or lack thereof) based on some standard of appearance. But there’s an older ESPN article about hammer thrower, Amanda Bingson, that debunks any notion that an athlete has to have a certain figure to be an athlete. I always refer this story to people who believe athletes have to look a certain way, because athletes are not made from the same mold.

Whether you are strong, slender, “a runner”, or a thrower, athletes come in all shapes and sizes; be proud of our own body! Enjoy your athleticism because you love what you do, not because you look the part…

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