theStitch is excited to share “Monroe Curves” with you.  New reader Doug Phillips told us he was so inspired by the #EYOB message that he just had to write a poem about how he felt!  To all our readers out there, please don’t hesitate to send us your poetry, stories and selfies.  Embrace your own beauty and don’t wait another second to start living your life to the fullest.  Tell us what makes you beautiful. We would love to hear from you!  Write to us at

And now, the world debut of:


A phony world
Images manufactured
Thin are adored
No one is wrinkled

Airbrush photo shop the wrong
Bodies made ‘lovely’
Legs super long
No cellulite or blemish ugly

What if the belly keg
Replaced the six pack
The cleavage out
In, the butt crack

Rid of size zero
Photo shopped suitable
With a figure like a biro
Someone impossible

Over weight a tad
Seen as prosperous
Pieter Bruegel did
Painted it as gorgeous

Decent sized hips
Not some tiny booty
Kalahari and Bantu butts
Curves seen as beauty

Beauty is in the eye
Of those that behold
Is beauty that we see
Or what we have been told

Fed to us by movie
Magazine and TV
The images aren’t true
Can’t we each be our own ‘me’

Oscar says ‘be yourself
Everyone else is taken’
Cut yourself some slack
The media is mistaken

A model is a model
It’s not the real thing
Let’s all be get real
Let’s stop obsessing

Any guy’s list will begin
With a Monroe Mansfield curvy
Not some pencil thin
Stick figure Shrimpton Twiggy

by Doug Phillips


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