Love the Broken Ones

Like a dagger, there are moments when we reflect back on the past and feel the sharp sting of a tough moment, a difficult challenge, or a tragic loss as if it just happened. Sometimes the pain is sharp. Sometimes it’s a numbness. Sometimes it’s a dull tug at our heartstrings that just gets tighter and tighter. But just when you feel like you have to run from it and do everything in your power to hide it….stop.

Embrace it.

There’s a song out there (see below) by Jacquie Lee, called “Broken Ones.” It’s a beautiful reminder that it’s ok to feel broken:

Just remember, that we’ve all been broken once. So let’s love the broken ones.

What makes us all beautiful is just that…a collection of difficult moments that have broken us down, but that we’ve been able to overcome and embrace and piece back together. So feel each and every one of those moments; the laughter, the tears, the anger, the hurt. Once you have the power to feel, you have the power to love. There is nothing wrong with your past. You’ve gone through those experiences for a reason…to grow.

Embracing your own beauty means embracing the beautiful moments that created you. If you have no shame in who you are, then you shouldn’t have shame in the story that made you.

So live it, love it, and embrace it. #EYOB

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