Love or Hate: Your Relationship Status With Your Body

Rani St. Pucchi recently wrote a post on Huffington Post about Self-image. In it, she not only defines what self-image is–the way you think about yourself and your abilities or appearance–and how we tend to perceive it, but she goes on to list ways in which we should stop listening to media, stop seeking external validation, and become more in-tune with our own bodies and selves. Her list includes some key goals that we should all incorporate into our daily lives such as: letting go of perfectionism, stop obsessing about weight, dressing for success, and so on.

Two that stuck out to me in particular were Stop criticizing yourself and Surround yourself with positive people. While these seem like the most obvious ways to bolster self-image, they are also the hardest to actually do consciously. We go through life constantly trying to become “better” or “prettier” or “cooler” and lose sight of our inner beauty and, consequently, become lost in an external search for happiness. And when we lose sight of ourselves, we search for validation in people; but that leads to us finding the wrong people. If someone is willing to rate you or make a list of your shortcomings, then they aren’t the people you should be around. So find the people in your life who love you for who you are and make you feel beautiful and confident.

After reading Rani’s list of ways to improve self-image, it’s become more apparent to me how little I do these things in my own life. But that doesn’t mean I am not beautiful or shouldn’t feel beautiful. It simply means I need to spend more conscious moments in my daily life appreciating myself and improving the relationship I have with my body.

As you read through the list yourself, take note of which items you need to focus on and make it a goal to be more positive, to criticize less, and to improve your self-image–the relationship you have with your body.

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