Live Life to the Fullest

Today, we celebrate summer and we celebrate you.  Here’s a poem by theStitch writer Erin Cartaya that made us want to live life to the fullest by embracing our own beauty to the fullest!  Thanks, Erin, for this great work of art!  #EYOB

Live life to the fullest,
Celebrate your beauty—Now!
Let nobody drag you down,
Instead, let the world be wow’d.

Live each moment for what it’s worth.
Let your passions grow.
A life lived to the fullest,
Will always be your own.

Don’t let an image
dictate who you are.
You don’t have to be anyone but yourself
When it comes to beauty, there is no bar.

Whatever your shape,
Whatever your size.
You measure your own beauty,
So don’t minimize.

You have the choice
To make each day great.
The moments are passing by
So you better not wait!

Beauty is Confidence.
An attitude that’s true.
Embrace your own Beauty
And celebrate —YOU!

Live life to the fullest
And know who you are.
Show it to the world
And you’ll surely go far.

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