I Have Guts Like a Girl

“The soul finds itself through pain and challenges.” – Sam Wilson

A friend of mine from high school married this girl who just happens to someone I aspire to emulate someday. She’s a helluva runner, an inspiring writer, and overall seems like a pretty positive person (I haven’t actually met her). I know I could easily Facebook message my friend and ask him to set up a meeting with her, but somehow she seems untouchable—like a celebrity. But I find myself reading her blog posts in moments when I feel like I can’t seem to catch a break, for whatever reason. And then I realized something as I read more and more of her blog posts: she is just like you and me. She suffers, she faces challenges, and she finds ways to overcome them.

I’ll just leave her most recent post, “The Joy of the Struggle,” right here for you to read and get inspired by, but here’s a little snippet to give you a taste:

“There’s something about the struggle that’s life changing. So often in life we’re working through problems because we hope life will get easier, instead of realizing that often times life doesn’t get easier; we just become more capable of managing the challenges.”

If you believe in yourself enough and have Guts Like A Girl, then you too can face challenges with this same mentality and learn to grow from them. Whether you are facing an exciting new challenge or dealing with typical day-to-day challenges, don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity that each of those moments can provide you.

Learn from them…

Grow from them…

Get stronger because of them…

With each new challenge, you will come out the other end with more confidence than the moment before. Every day you have a choice to face challenging moments or run from them. Let your inner voice have its moment of uncertainty, but then overcome it and face it head on.

Have guts like a girl every day and realize the potential you already have!

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