How Would You React to Being Called ‘Beautiful’?

The YouTube video below (which can also be found here) is profoundly moving and pretty much sums up what we are all about here at theStitch. It captures the very real, and very raw, reactions of people as they are told they are “beautiful.”

The creator of this video project did an absolutely compelling job of capturing beauty in its most natural and vulnerable form. And what makes this so heartwarming to witness is that every person intereviewed is so different and unique, but most of their reactions seem to be quite similar.  When told they are beautiful, they look somewhat surprised, then instantly their eyes soften and smiles ensue.  It’s almost as if they had just received a really cool gift that they weren’t expecting.

As you watch, consider how you might react if you were told you are beautiful.

Give yourself the gift of self-acceptance and tell yourself that you are absolutely beautiful. Then go and let someone you know that you find them beautiful.  Let us know what their reaction was on theStitch Facebook page.

Be beautiful, be confident, be YOU!   #EYOB


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