Here’s the thing.

Here’s the thing.

The talented actor…

The big shot Hollywood Producer…

The Senators on both sides of the aisle…

The current President of the United States (and a few former ones) …


All those famous and now infamous men that are making the headlines are just the ones we know about.  The men who are neighbors, bosses, co-workers, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends – or just guys you meet at a club or party – they are the actual bigger, submerged part of the iceberg.

And, just to mix metaphors, their actions are like the proverbial elephant in the room that we just haven’t really, ever talked about.  Until now.

Listen up guys. This isn’t the time to look elsewhere or point the finger, but rather it’s time to look inside and determine where you, as an individual, have made comments or have generally played along in a culture that minimizes women as objects to be had.  Where have you perpetuated this mindset, or been a part of a group of guys just having “locker room” talk that would eventually play itself out in the real world? Have you ever used your position or power to coerce and intimidate women?

If you, as a man, aren’t taking stock and acknowledging past behaviors, actions, thoughts or a mindset that minimizes women, then you continue to be a part of the problem.

Here’s how you can be part of the solution.  Have an honest heart-to-heart talk…with yourself. Start by owning your own actions and acknowledging the part you’ve played in perpetuating this misogynistic mindset in America. Resolve to change.  When you’re in a group of guys and they start to objectify a woman across the room, speak up and put a stop to it.  If you’re in a position of power at work or in your community, don’t use it to coerce or intimidate a woman.  This is how change happens.  Be the change.  This is one time when a shrinking iceberg is a good thing.

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