Grabbing both sides of a new pair of jeans I jumped up and down in the cramped dressing room, determined to fit into them even if it killed me!  Sure they were two sizes too small, but if I could just…get them…over….my hips…I knew they had the potential to hide a lot of flaws.

“It’s never gonna happen,” said a little voice in my head as I tried one last yank.  “But that’s okay,” it concluded.

With a huge sigh, I stepped out of the jeans and slumped down onto the metal chair, coming face to face with my own reflection in the full-length mirror of the dressing room.  I stared at myself for a moment and slowly I relaxed into reality…and something more…acceptance.

That afternoon I decided that it’s okay to be me – “flaws” and all.  I am more than a pant size and I alone get to decide the measure of my true worth.  No number is ever going to define me.

And who decided that my body was flawed anyway?  Just like Anna Crump-Hill – the new mom we interviewed last week – my body has given me beautiful children who are the joy of my life.  No flaw there.  This body has been in hospital rooms with sick friends and dying grandparents and these hands have helped feed the homeless, make endless peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and type many a post for this blog.  My body has seen me through joys and sorrows and many great adventures.  And I am grateful.

I started looking at myself differently that day and it suddenly dawned on me that I have my grandmother’s ears and my mom’s hands!  How perfect is that?  One might even say flawless.

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