EMPOWER[Playlist]: 15 Songs That Will Remind You that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

EMPOWER[Playlist]: 15 Songs That Will Remind You that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

This EMPOWER[Playlist] is called “You are Beautiful” and we suspect it will be the first of many “You are Beautiful” playlists.

With a mix of pop, power ballads, hip-hop and one very cool alternative rock song, this playlist is bound to make you feel beautiful.  Enjoy!

  1. We start with Meghan Trainor of course. Yeah, it’s pretty clear that All About That Bass has a message that speaks to a whole lotta people!  The proof?  It went viral across the world, becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time.

The Song:  All About That Bass

The Take Away: Be proud of what you’ve got bcuz “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.”

The Challenge:  Size acceptance is key.  Love yourself.  You’ll recognize Mr. or Ms. Right when they come along because they’ll love you just the way you are.


  1. One Direction: This boy band made this song their first single, boldly stating that you “don’t need make-up to cover up. Being the way you are is enough.”

 The Song:  What Makes You Beautiful

The Take Away: You might be insecure, but don’t be bcuz there’s no one like you.

 The Challenge:  Let your smile light up your face and you’ll light up the world.


  1. Selena & the Scene say that this song was intended to inspire people and get back at all the haters out there who try to make life miserable for everybody else.

The Song:  Who Says

The Take Away:  You’ve got every right to a beautiful life.

The Challenge:  Don’t join the haters out there by being a self-hater.  Every time you find yourself using negative self-talk, flip the script and tell yourself you’re beautiful.



  1. American Idol alum and Grammy Award winner Mandisa sings the gospel truth in this record-breaking song.

The Song:  True Beauty

The Take Away: True beauty “doesn’t come in a bottle…it’s the love in your heart and the peace in your soul.

The Challenge:  Seek to live into the words Mandisa sings then go and change the world with “the passion and the purpose that’s burning down inside us.”


  1. Christina Aguilera: Inner beauty through the insecurity made this song a hit in 02.  It remains a standard today.

The Song:  Beautiful

The Take Away:  Everyone gets insecure but you can’t let anyone make you feel less than.

The Challenge: To be your own best friend and fill the emptiness with love.


  1. Pink is the ultimate “she-roe” (the female version of hero) for being her own person and not caring what other people think. She made it okay to be yourself.

The Song:  Perfect

The Take Away:  Don’t you ever feel like you’re less than perfect.

The Challenge:  Change the voices in your head.  Make them like you instead.


  1. Bruno Mars wants everyone to see their own beauty. He sings about a woman’s smile and her laugh!

The Song:  Just The Way You Are

The Take away:  Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that you’re amazing just the way you are.

The Challenge:  Look in the mirror and sing this song to yourself at least once a week!


  1. American Idol/Dancing with the Stars champion and country artist Kellie Pickler wrote this song for teen girls. We think it’s great.

The Song: Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful

The Take Away:  Know your own worth.

The Challenge: Share this song with the younger women and girls in your life.  We’re all in this together.


  1. Jussie Smollet, Yazz & the cast of Empire jam with this fantastic new song! Empire is the new hit television drama series which will begin it’s second season in the fall of 2015.

The Song:  You’re So Beautiful

The Take Away:  Sexy comes in every size!

The Challenge:  No matter what size you are, be confident, be classy and go out there and have some fun!


  1. Natasha Bedingfield: Her up-tempo, R&B vibe made this a hit in 04.

The Song:  Weightless

The Take Away: You are Unique and that makes you a VIP.

The Challenge:  If you’re dating – don’t compromise who you are for anyone.  Cut the strings that are holding you back.


  1. Another great song from Natasha Bedingfield: A song of longing and looking forward.

The Song:  Who I Am

The Take Away:  Sometimes it’s hard to find the strength just to be yourself.  Fear gets in the way and you have to be brave.

The Challenge: Take baby steps.  Use positive self-talk to embrace beautiful you.


  1. Joe Cocker set the standard way back when with this song. Jeff Brinkman liked it so much he did a great cover for his audition on The X Factor USA.

The Song:  You Are So Beautiful

The Take Away: You are Everything to the people in your life that love you.

The Challenge:  Look in the mirror and understand you are everything YOU need!


  1. Lady Gaga is one artist who sings her social activism. This song is for anyone who has ever faced bullies and discrimination.  It’s also for all of us who tend to bully ourselves.  This song is a good reminder to love yourself!

The Song:  Born This way

The Take Away: We were all born superstars.  Don’t hide yourself – just love yourself.

The Challenge:   Work on accepting yourself.  Say this mantra every day:  There is nothing wrong with me.  I was born a superstar. I’m beautiful in my own way.”  Join the “Born this Way Foundation Nation and get inspired! http://bornthisway.foundation/


  1. India.Arie came onto the music scene in 2001 and has been a powerhouse ever since. With songs that speak about flaws, insecurities and learning to love yourself unconditionally, India has added her voice to the empowerment of women everywhere.

The Song:  Video

The Take Away:  Total self-acceptance no matter what!

The Challenge: To change the way you see yourself.  Look in the mirror and address each feature in positive terms.  Practice this until it becomes a habit.


  1. Alternative Pop-Rock group Superchick (now disbanded) provides the final song on our EMPOWER[Playlist].It is a group anthem that should be sung and danced to across America.  Superchick has been compared to No Doubt and Avril Lavigne.  Their no-apologies edge kept them out of top 40 – but this song really says it all.  “We are a thousand voices strong.  We are each girl who sings this song.”

The Song:  So Beautiful

The Take Away:  If every girl could see her beauty we’d be an army.

The Challenge:  Don’t bash other women.  We’re all in this together!

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