What do you think of when you hear the words “athlete” or “athletic body?”  Does your mind immediately picture people with super-toned, slim bodies sipping spinach and wheatgrass smoothies before heading to the gym for a two hour workout?  Okay, that was pretty detailed, so probably not – but you probably did think of super-toned and slender bodies.

The trouble with that image is that athletic bodies, just like beach bodies, come in all shapes and sizes.  But sadly, we rarely see pictures of plus-sized athletes being celebrated in the media.  That will change if Krista Henderson has her way.  Henderson is a 5-time award-winning, plus-size athlete in triathlon and indoor rowing.  She’s also a certified Spin instructor and “Can-Fit-Pro Personal Trainer who has competed in over 20 races (triathlon, duathlon, half marathon and rowing).

Her website is called Born to Reign Athletics and I just love their statement of belief:

Born to Reign Athletics believes that:

  • Inside every woman is an athlete, waiting at the starting line.
  • Everyone has a different finish line.
  • That right now is the perfect time to start. No matter what.
  • Your inner spark will ignite a fire.
  • You are a force of nature.
  • That falling down allows us to rise up.

Krista says that “Athletics is about unleashing your inner strength and celebrating your power to reign over your life, your body and your spirit in a healthy way.”  That is so empowering to hear!

Krista would be happy to hear that this year’s ESPN magazine Body2016 issue features two-time Super Bowl champion tackle, Vince Wilfork – in the nude!

Weighing in at 325 pounds he says “My career, my legacy, the person I am is more than my stomach.”  He goes on to say, “Some people consider me fat and sloppy. The one thing about me is I don’t care what people think.  It all starts with yourself.  I believe in myself.  I love myself.”

No matter what you weigh in at, it all starts with embracing your own beauty and not caring what other people think about you.  Believe in yourself.  Love yourself.  As we say at theStitch.com, “Attitudeconfidence and a passion for life is what makes you beautiful. That comes from embracing your own beauty. It starts from within and radiates outward, increasing your personal wattage and making you shine, which in turn, enables you to take center stage in your own life.”

The weekend is upon us so what are you waiting for?  Pull out those running shoes, pump up the tires on your bike, check out a Zumba class or head to the water in a swimsuit that makes you feel good and enjoy all that your body can do for you!  So much of what life has to offer is right outside your comfort zone.  Even if it feels scary, take that first step…and then another and another.  As Krista says, “right now is the perfect time to start,” to which we add – don’t wait until you’re thinner or more toned.  Right now — at this very moment — you have an athletic body – just like you also have a beach body.  Get out there and have some fun.


theStitch.com[unity] gives special shout-outs to Krista Henderson and Vince Wilfork!

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