Dance All F***ing Day If You Want to – Just Like This Nana!

Just a quick lighthearted reminder on this Friday that life, as short as it might be, is worth making the most of every day. When you have a bad day or when something seems to be going wrong in your head, just think about this dancing Nana with the saucy mouth and remember that life is too short to spend too much time in a state of worry.

When I watch Dancing Nana, it puts my bad days into perspective, and immediately I am calmed by the thought that, just like her I can “dance all f***ing day” if I want to; because I can!

Thanks, Nana! People like you make each day more enjoyable and remind me (and, perhaps, all of us) that we shouldn’t be ashamed of expressing ourselves in any way we feel necessary.  Now watch her dance, now watch her Nana!

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  • Marcos
    Posted at 23:35h, 04 March Reply

    I notice that neraly all of your advertising is now geared toward young women college age, etc. instead of the older ladies (say 35 and up) who were once, and perhaps still are, the core group who buys VB. Are you trying to appeal to every age group now or primarily the younger buyer? I would think future sales would mainly come from the aging baby boomers.

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