Believe in Yourself…I almost do.

I’m pretty smart. I’m also a decent runner. I am a fairly hard worker and I am generally a pleasant person to be around.  

I’m guessing that you noticed all those qualifiers in my self-assessment! Yes, I still struggle to say those things about myself with complete confidence. But the thing about me is, it has taken most of my 31 years in this world to get to this point….which is NOT a bad thing at all because I, like you, are on a journey to embrace my own beauty.

If you’ve been following my posts and reading my words for theStitch, you know by now that confidence has always been my biggest obstacle. It’s not that others don’t believe in me; it’s the challenge of believing in myself and living into what my friends and family see in me.  It’s hard, but something amazing has been happening ever since I began my journey with[unity]!  I’ve slowly begun to acquire the tools to gain confidence in myself. I know the journey will be long, and the battles with myself will not end any time soon, but it’s a challenge I am willing to take if it means I will grow in confidence.

After all, I’ve conquered the biggest battle of all: believing in myself enough to take this journey. That’s a big leap; but now that I believe in myself more, I can set my mind to do the rest of the work. And now that I know anything is possible and that I am enough — soon enough I’ll be able to say…

I am smart. I’m also a talented runner. I am a hard worker and am a pleasant person to be around. I am me, I am enough and I embrace my own beauty.


 Are you working on confidence issues too?  If so, please send us a comment – either here or on our facebook page.  And, as always, we invite you to upload a selfie at theStitch.  #EYOB

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