Beauty Cannot Be Sold

How much money would you fork over if a personal trainer told you your body wasn’t “in shape” enough? What if they pushed you further and said you couldn’t possibly be happy with your body unless you looked a certain way…would you believe them? I certainly hope NOT!

I came across this blog post about a girl, Cassie Young, who was approached by a personal trainer shortly before her wedding (you can read the blog and convo here). As I read the conversation, I was appalled at the logic this trainer used to sell his services. It’s certainly one thing to encourage someone to be healthy and active, but to say they couldn’t be happy with their body because they were bigger in size?! He said:

“You can accept how you look but you can’t be happy with the way you look…You can’t lie to yourself… I just wish the whole big body acceptance people would accept the fact that they are not happy with their bodies.”

That’s just plain mean.

Luckily for Cassie, she didn’t fall into the trap. But others might not be so lucky. Personal trainers are successful because they are walking examples of their work. And its a great selling point, to boot. But what works for them, may not work for everyone…nor should it. We are all different. And our bodies are unique. So even if we want to improve ourselves, it should be for the right reasons, not solely based on how we look.

I only hope that the fitness industry doesn’t follow this trend. People that want to work out and hire a personal trainer do it for a better quality of life; not to have their confidence shot down.

Don’t let others try to convince you to change your body as a means to be happy. Happiness will come when you accept who you are and ignore what you should be. Some things are more valuable than money…YOU! Embrace your own beauty and the happiness will follow.

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