Are You There? Life is Looking Everywhere for You!

Hello[unity]!  Today I want to bring you an amazing piece that I adapted from the wonderful Danielle LaPorte!

Life is looking for you. Cosmic Brigades are scanning the horizon to see who is lighting up. They are looking for hungry hearts, unbridled passion, audacity, courage, RADIANCE — glimmers of sincerity and shimmers of daring greatly.

This is how it works: You need to shout out loud to get found!

You send out homing signals to the cosmos by being your true self.

So blurt stuff out!  Send the email, make the call, change direction; dance! Write the song, scribble the first draft; LEAP out of your comfort zone. Do whatever it takes to feel the way you most want to feel.  Shake it up, baby! Twist and shout!
Love out loud by being your true self and, by doing that, you’re saying:

“Life! I’m here, right over here!”

Then Life can see you in the fog of repression, fear and self-criticisms.  It will notice you through heaps of unnecessary purchases, escapism and diversion tactics.

And scanning, searching, trusting, the Cosmic Brigades will see you trying to live your truth and they will send an alert to the universe:

“There! Over there! There she is! She’s claimed her desires!

She’s doing something valiant with her creativity! And she’s proud of what she wants!

She is asking for what she wants with her whole heart and she is speaking UP!

Look! There’s her homing signal. Over there!”

Be your true self.  Embrace your own beauty and send up a flare!
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