When I was in high school, long, straight (blonde) hair was in and bodacious bottoms were out.  Believe it or not, thin lips were also in — and it probably goes without saying that full-bodies were out. Basically, if you looked anything close to Cheryl Tiegs you were IN.

Of course, I had just the opposite of all that was in.  I was “out” before out became a good thing!

But today, women all over the world are rising up to say that there is simply not just one definition of beauty that fits us all.  Here are just a few examples.

In India, being light-skinned is in.  The unjust effects of skin-color bias have led to discrimination against dark-skinned women.  That’s why Women of Worth for Justice, Equality and Change have launched their “Dark is Beautiful Campaign!”

There are models around the world who are changing the definition of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like.  Super-model Erika Linder is just one example.

Tess Holliday is another.

By the way, Tess and Erika both have beach-ready bodies.

So, here I am today.

Definitely not a Cheryl Tiegs look-alike but I count myself as IN in the beauty department.  Here at theStitch we are ALL-IN.   We know absolutely that Beauty isn’t a Shape, it’s an Attitude and we’re shouting it out to the world! Join us in spreading the word.  We invite you to celebrate all the different shades, shapes and kinds of beauty in the world…especially your own.  It all starts by embracing your own beauty. #EYOB.  Once YOU decide that you’re one of the beautiful people (because we actually all are) then everything changes.  You’ll start to see life differently.  Your INner glow will make you shine and you’ll realize that your beauty has always been IN.

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