Ad that Champions Body Inclusivity Gets Banned by Major Networks

The news that television networks have rejected the new Lane Bryant commercial for their #ThisBody campaign is all over social media today.   The brand began making headlines last year with its #ImNoAngel campaign and quickly followed it with their #PlusIsEqual campaign, turning the fashion industry upside down in the process.

Changing the conversation about body inclusivity isn’t easy, especially when networks like CBS and ABC reject body positive ads but choose to air others.  Hiding behind the FCC’s Indecency Regulations, they’re refusing to air the Lane Bryant ad which features models Preciouis Lee, Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, Georgia Pratt and Tara Lynn.

However, they didn’t think twice when it came running this ad:

The hypocracy!

We love what Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley has to say about the campaign and the company:

“Today’s ‘This Body’ campaign cites the conversation as overdue, unavoidable, and a rapidly progressing cultural (r)evolution, and allows Lane Bryant to continue to be [a] platform for shifting perception. This campaign continues a provocative manifesto to remind the world what we stand for…

….Our goal is to shift the perception from Lane Bryant as a store for plus-size clothing, to Lane Bryant as an inspiring brand for empowered, beautiful, and confident women. The fashion industry is famously ridiculously exclusive, and the retail industry tends to echo that nonsense. We’ve seen it on the fashion runways and in print for decades, and though we’ve made some progress, a larger size model even today can still raise eyebrows and be seen as ‘imperfect.’”

She concludes with this:

“I’m completely confident that the next generation will look back on these days of exclusion and shake their heads in wonder that it was ever common practice. Toward that end, the Lane Bryant campaigns challenge the viewpoints of the media. We nurture the emerging understanding that values all women equally, no matter shape or size. We take it as a matter of course that women of all shapes and sizes should appear in media, advertisements, and campaigns.”

Hey,[unity]!  We’re reaching out and asking you to support #ThisBody campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and theStitch!  Let’s embrace body diversity, body positivity and body inclusivity.  Tweet out, “Beauty isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude! #EYOB!”  And upload a selfie telling us what your body is made for!

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