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My name is Andre “Ratso” Villa, founder of theStitch.com, an online community that’s all about embracing your own beauty and proclaiming your confidence to the world by uploading your selfies to the site. We want to change the conversation about Beauty!


Here at theStitch., we know that the world can be cruel. If you’re a woman who doesn’t fit into a size 2 dress or you’re not 5’11” with long flowing hair, then you’re often not considered beautiful by today’s standards

But here’s the big question – who are the people and industries that were chosen to set today’s beauty standard? Did we vote them in? Were they divinely appointed? No and NO.

And yet, somehow they — Hollywood, the fashion industry, media of all types and the little voice in your own head that tells you you’re not good enough — have been given ultimate say about what it means to be beautiful. That’s just crazy.

The secret that theStitch. is going public with.


Attitudeconfidence and a passion for life is what makes you beautiful. That comes from embracing your own beauty. It starts from within and radiates outward, increasing your personal wattage and making you shine, which in turn, enables you to take center stage in your own life…


I had the crazy good fortune to be born into a family of really strong women. Starting with my Grandma, Esther Villa, I was surrounded by women of grit and grace who taught me what true beauty really was — and it had nothing to do with looks or accomplishments. It had everything to do with love.


My cousins and I knew absolutely, without a doubt, that Grandma loved us — and that love made us strong and gave us confidence.


I wanted to bring that message of love, total acceptance and confidence to the world.


Our Vision is a world where attitude, confidence and passion are the very heart of what it means to be beautiful.


Our Mission is to build an online community where all women feel empowered to embrace their own beauty and where they are encouraged to express it outwardly with confidence, attitude, passion and SELFIES! #EYOB!


At theStitch.com, what we know for sure is that attitude and confidence don’t stand a chance of making a home in your heart if you buy into the myth that beauty is a shape and therefore you don’t fit the mold, so therefore you aren’t beautiful. Talk about a circular argument! As we said, that’s crazy. theStitch. is going to change that.

TheStitch.com[unity] │ #EYOB – Embrace Your Own Beauty


With your help, we’re exploding the myth that says: looks, size or shape = beauty. We’re breaking that mold. Consider it smashed to pieces. We’re taking a stand — right here, right now — and saying that Beauty isn’t a Shape, it’s an Attitude!


And to prove it we’re showcasing bright, bold, beautiful you at theStitch. by inviting you to embrace your own beauty.


How? By uploading a selfie at theStitch. and joining theStitch.com[unity] today.


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Andre “Ratso” Villa


94% EYOB – Tee (long sleeve)


94% EYOB – Tee (Mens)


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