A New, New Year’s Resolution List for theStitch.com[unity]

It’s that time of year again; when we make our long lists of New Year’s resolutions and promises that, while they have our best interests at heart, will only make us feel like failures by the end of January.


So here is an idea: rather than create a New Year’s Resolution list with unachievable weight goals and superficial image goals,  check out this different type of resolution list from yours truly and head into 2016 in the true theStitch.com[unity] fashion.  And remember, it’s when you embrace all the wonderful, magical and loving qualities that you already have that you gain the courage to deepen those beautiful qualities and share them with others more fully.

  1. Embrace Your Own Beauty. No one can tell you how beautiful you are or aren’t. When you tell yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL (and actually believe it) others will notice. So everyday when you look in the mirror, ask yourself: What makes you beautiful?  Change the definition to reflect your true beauty and go out and tell that to the rest of the world. #EYOB
  2. Embrace Someone Else’s Beauty. As you go about your day-to-day activities, make it a daily goal to stop and let someone know they are beautiful. When you make someone else’s day, that happiness will spread and make you feel better too!
  3. Find Your Passion.  Make 2016 about going on adventures big and small and doing things you love. Give yourself permission to live your life to the fullest and love every moment of it. #YOLO
  4. Think about Health, Not Unattainable Body Image. Fitness goals are a great way to start off the new year, but make them more attainable by getting rid of numbers and images; strive for being healthy, happy and comfortable with your body. 
  5. Have No Regrets Going Into 2017. Make this year a year of taking chances and challenging yourself.  Be bold and adventurous and get out of your comfort zone as much as you can.   Make sure that you leave nothing to regret when 2017 approaches.

If you aren’t a list person, no biggie. You can still live a truly beautiful life in 2016 by asking yourself one question each day when you look in the mirror: What makes you beautiful?

No go out and tell the world! (And don’t forget to upload your selfies at thestitch.com.)



theStitch.com[unity] team wishes you a very Happy New Year!  Stitch On!!

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