5 Lessons About #EYOB You Can Take From The Kardashians

5 Lessons About #EYOB You Can Take From The Kardashians

With all the attention on the Kardashians right now (what else is new), it’s surprising to say that for once all the buzz isn’t on any of the K sisters. Dare I say it?  Yes, somebody’s outshined them and it turns out to be their own dad/step-dad, Bruce Jenner. His interview with Diane Sawyer, sharing his story about being transgender has not only turned the world on a tilt, but it’s a great lesson about embracing your own beauty.

And so, here are 5 lessons we can take from the Kardashians (ALL of them) about living a truly #EYOB life:

1.  At the age of 65, Bruce Jenner came out as transgender. theStitch calls that an #EYOB moment. It takes guts to make peace with who you really are, inside and/or out, and to step into your authenticity with the entire world watching.  We think that deserves a gold medal.

2.  Does Kendall Jenner ever worry about appearing in public not red-carpet-ready? Nope. She doesn’t care that she was seen in her sweats. And we bet that even if she spilled Matcha green tea down her shirt, Kendall wouldn’t bat an eye.  She’s always true to herself.  It’s this self-confidence that made Refinery 29 come out with a story about Kendall and how sweats are the next “thing.” Next there’ll be lines out the door at Starbucks with people ordering their Matcha.

3.  Stitch this! Khloé, Khloé, Khloé. She famously said, “My weight doesn’t define who I am.” We agree.

Khloe Kardashian

4.  And then there’s Kim. For someone with a new SELFIE book out called “Selfish,” she’s anything but. Her tweet of support for step-dad Bruce speaks to her compassion.  “Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself.  Bruce is love.  I love you Bruce.” Now that’s an #EYOB moment.

P.S. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Kim Kardashian will post a no-makeup-selfie at theStitch!

5.  As for the entire family, it really takes an unreal amount of comfort to have every aspect of your life documented and watched (and, well, judged) by millions of people each and every day.

“Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is not just a show about a wealthy family. It’s a testament to a group of individuals who have their own stories and struggles and their own idea of individuality.  It’s not surprising that they’re all supporting Bruce as he transitions.  Keep it up, Kardashians!

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